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  I am a qualified natural therapist, a spiritual channel and, strangely enough, an architectural draftsperson which creates balance and challenge in my life.

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Strong Foundations

My concept for “How to build a better life” developed from many varied conversations I had with friends and clients over the years and from my own previously precarious "life" situation.

As I mention also in the article " strong foundations for a financial future", (please read on, if you have already read that article as this has different info added) I was bought up in an average middle class Australian family that was always trying to make ends meet financially. My father had emigrated from Scotland and had a very casual approach to life that somehow everything would work out fine. My mother on the other hand had been bought up during the depression and had developed a poverty consciousness that was the driving force in our family’s financial situation.

Even though my grandfather had worked all during the depression years, my grandmother had developed a belief of “There will never be enough”. This belief was then passed onto and accepted by my mother and then passed down to me. I lived my life, run by the limiting belief of “There will never be enough” until about 5 years ago when I was very fortunate to find it and clear it from my subconscious programming. Interestingly, I had picked up this predominant thought and belief before I was even born. When mum was pregnant with me, the family financial situation was pretty grim and she was constantly stressing about money. A baby can and does take on feelings and beliefs from the mother, even during pregnancy. It may sound weird and bazaar, but it has shown to be true. It showed up for me and has shown up for many of my clients over the years. We truly are amazing beings with so much more to us than just a few thoughts rattling around in the flesh and bone that we have as a body.   

In some of my kinesiology balances for clients we have accessed information that was related to when the client was still "in Utero" or still in mums tum as you may say. The information given then had the associated energy released from it and we kept on with the balance. I have had so many clients call me after a balance and say that they checked with their mother about the information we got during the balance and it was 100% accurate. I am so in awe of the way the subconscious will give us access to whatever we need to bring the body back into a healthier energteic balance so that it may achieve healing.

The “How to build a better life” concept works in the manner of observing and assessing where you are now in life, deciding where you would like to be and then making a structured plan on how to get there. Once you have the plan, it is a matter of putting that plan into action and working step by step to build that new life.

If you have had a "wipeout" as i like to refer to it, such as a divorce, relationship breakdown, illness or financial losses or even bankruptcy, you need to clear the emotional and belief system debris of the disaster before rebuilding. There can be a whole lot of baggage here to clear related to blame, rejection, shame, guilt, lack of self esteem or lowering of existing self esteem, loss of hope, fear, poverty consciousness and grieving for what you once had. Before rebuilding can start efficiently you need to clear away the old rubble left after the disaster has affected its "wipe out".

There is good news for you. It can be done. I had my share of wipe outs over the past few years including divorce and good old bankruptcy after divorce gone wrong. lol. I am experienced in rebuilding a life as well as building from scratch. I was a licenced builder in my married days, so have plenty of experience in the building game.

I have also been working as an architectural draftsperson for the last 25 years, so I know the importance of creating a well designed and functional plan that covers all aspects of the final structure that you are looking to create. I know too well that a plan needs to take into account the foundations, the functional design and the correct way to support the final structure. There needs to be solid foundations and load bearing structures to carry the load or else what you build will fall down like the little pigs house of sticks.

 A good "better life" plan will of course deal with all aspects of life including your physical, mental, emotional and financial health and wellbeing. An even more important part of the foundation for a solid "better life"  is to make sure that your belief systems are supportive of that goal or you may find that as you build, your limiting beliefs may erode and even sabotage your foundations and you may have a pile of sticks instead of a happily ever after fairytale castle.

From 1994 I trained as a Kinesiologist, Reiki Master, Bowen therapist and have also done extensive training and research into many of the meridian tapping release techniques. I have also done a lot of research into psychology and quantum physics to understand the mind and our energetic relationship with the universe.

Limiting beliefs lurk in the depths of the subconscious mind. They were put in place at some time in your life where you may have been told that you would never amount to anything or that you were too stupid to make it in the big world.

Other examples of how limiting beliefs can slip into your subconscious can be:

*You may feel worthless due to some type of abuse and not feel that you deserve to be happy, successful or wealthy. Sexual or emotional abuse does so much damage to the sense of self worth as the abuser will always blame the innocent one for what is happening to them.

*You may feel faulty in some way due to childhood bullying. I know this one all too well. It has been the subject of many emotional releases and  balances.

*You may feel ugly or unattractive because you don't look the way that you would like to.

*You may have been led to believe that there will never be enough money, like I was.

*OR. You may have told yourself, often enough, that you don’t deserve anything good because of some feelings of guilt or shame related to something that you did or did not do.

There are a lot of cultural beliefs that we are taught by our families and communities as we grow up in relation to spiritual beliefs and what is acceptable behavior. There is also a huge pressure placed on children to conform or be "average" somehow. Anyone that is not average seems to get harassed or even bullied for not being like the majority of children. This can lead to extremely low self esteem and self destructive tendencies.

Whatever beliefs you have may be limiting or even sabotaging your chances of building a solid foundation for your happy and successful life, especially in areas related to money and relationships.

The subconscious works in a similar way to a computer. It has programs based on beliefs that “run” just like on your computer, which influence how you function and deal with issues in your life.

Beliefs are like programs that run your life. They slip into your subconscious by you being told something often enough or by your subconscious mind listening into your mind chatter. If you say something often enough, it has a chance of slipping in to become a program that will then run your day to day life. This is the basis of how affirmations work. By repeating something over and over, it works to reprogram any limiting beliefs or become a new belief.

This does work, just so long as your subconscious does not hold a limiting belief that is ingrained and has been constantly reinforced over the years. No amount of positive affirmations will overcome a limiting belief if it is heavily reinforced.

Sometimes, saying a positive affirmation over and over can actually cause stress in the system, if there is a belief that is contra to the affirmation. Depending on how heavily the belief is ingrained, the affirmation may not overcome it at all and may just stress you out even more.

The way to reprogram limiting beliefs and even sabotage programs, is to find the belief and release the energy that is related to it and holding it firmly in place. Once this is achieved, the new affirmation can slip in easily, without resistance and be installed as a new program that runs with positive outcomes for you.

There are several ways to achieve this energy release related to limiting beliefs. Kinesiology is one of the most powerful and efficient ways as the kinesiologist will access the information from the subconscious mind by getting bio feedback from an indicator muscle. The main objective of the subconscious mind is to preserve and protect you, so it will give indications on how to achieve the release of energies related to any beliefs or emotional issues that will assist the body or being to return to a balanced state.

Another very effective way to achieve energetic balance is to use one of the meridian tapping techniques. I have trained in several of them and have now developed a very similar and yet even simpler, powerful way to release energy related to beliefs and emotional issues. This technique will be shown in my book that will soon be available on emotional release. If you are interested, please leave your contact details so that I can let you know when it is available.

If you would like to check out some of the therapies that I am trained in please feel free to pop over to My therapy site.

By releasing and reprogramming any limiting beliefs and replacing them with supportive beliefs we create a strong foundation for your " building a better life".

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